We live in a finite world. At The Gates Accommodation we try to model sustainability practices that will leave our world a better place.

Eco Smart Living

Roger is a former sustainability advisor and The Gates is about ‘walking the talk.’

Our vision is to offer family-friendly, smart-living holiday accommodation that celebrates style, art, comfort and eco-design so you can enjoy finding out about how easy, fun and practical sustainable living can be. Copper Gate was established as a model home in sustainable design – it was built as a social enterprise between The Gates, NMIT carpentry students, and Hybrid Homes. Students learnt over the 1 year build, through seminars and hands-on construction, how an eco-home is made. 

We focus upon wetland restoration, renewable energy, waste minimisation/recycling, eco-transport, water management and education for sustainability. This is what regenerative tourism can be.

Sustainability is about sustaining your own mental wellbeing too so relax in the peace of nature and space at The Gates.

Kissing Gate, Copper Gate and Corru Gate have:

  • Water efficient toilets and showers
  • Biolytix waste treatment system
  • Non toxic, non-VOC materials
  • Carbon-offset protocols
  • Local merchant support policy
  • Cultural empathy (pa harakeke)
  • Public transport/electric bike options, cycle tours
  • Super-thick walls (150mm)
  • Own firewood, organic fruit, free-range eggs, hand-feedable sheep
  • Highly insulated (R4 floors, R5.8 ceiling, R3.6 walls – Copper Gate)
  • Douglas fir timber or on-property building material
  • High efficiency LED lighting and energy audits
  • Community group sponsorship
  • Cultural tourism opportunities
  • Sustainability education materials
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle practices
  • Wetland restoration project; rainwater collection
  • Photovoltaic (10kW) solar panels (Nelson’s largest residential)
  • Sourcing of local materials/art/products
  • Thermally broken, low-E, argon filled double glazing
"We are so blown away by what you have done here ~ aesthetically & environmentally. Friends in Nelson want to come for a getaway after hearing our stories. It's fantastic to meet people fulfilling their dreams & visions. Long may they last. Thanks again."
Fiona and Chris
The Gates


We're excited about what The Gates can offer you for escapes, relaxation and eco-smart living. Do contact us.

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We offer an 'open home' experience for you if you are interested in viewing our eco-focused and creative, design-savvy accommodations. We are at 197 Seaton Valley Rd, Māpua seaside village, Nelson, New Zealand (Aotearoa).